Prime Daily is a sophisticated web portal designed for news and media organizations. It simplifies management tasks through automation and computer science, ensuring seamless operations.

Key Features:

News Management: Effortlessly publish, edit, and categorize news articles to keep your audience informed.

Video/Image Management: Efficiently handle multimedia content to enhance your news stories.

Ads Management: Effectively oversee advertising campaigns to generate revenue.

User Management: Easily manage user accounts and access to control interactions with your platform.

Polls Management: Create and manage polls to engage your audience and gather insights.

Real-Time Analytics: Gain valuable insights into website performance for data-driven decisions.

Event Planner: Plan events based on real-time data to engage your audience effectively.

Prime Daily empowers news and media organizations to streamline operations, engage audiences effectively, and stay ahead in the digital age.

Components & Features

News Management
News Catagory Management
Video/Image Management
Media Management
Ads Management
Roles Management
User Management
Polls Management
News API Management

Real Time Analytics

Daily Visitors List
Specific Content Click
Real Time Visitor Data
Event Planner Based on real time data