Introducing Aurora ; Transforming the Way E commerce is Managed

Aurora is a smart management system designed specifically for e-commerce businesses, offering an efficient and streamlined approach to handling various aspects of your online store. It incorporates automation and computer science to enhance your management capabilities and drive success in the e-commerce domain.

Key Components and Features:

Sales Management: Simplify the management of your sales processes, monitor orders, and optimize revenue generation.

Stock Management: Effortlessly oversee your inventory with tools that aid in stock tracking and management.

Employee Record Management: Efficiently maintain detailed records of your employees, facilitating HR management.

Low Stock Reminders: Stay ahead with timely notifications about low stock levels to ensure uninterrupted product availability.

Delivery Tracking System: Enhance the customer experience by enabling real-time delivery tracking.

E-Bill System: Streamline billing procedures with an electronic billing system that reduces paperwork and improves transaction efficiency.

Payment Options: Offer a variety of payment methods to cater to your customers' preferences and convenience.

Coupons System: : Attract more customers and run effective promotional campaigns with a flexible coupon system.

Real-Time Analytics: Access up-to-the-minute data and insights to make informed business decisions and refine your operations.

Daily Visitors List: Keep tabs on your daily website visitors to gain insights into your audience and tailor your strategies accordingly.

Specific Content Click: Identify the most engaging content to refine your marketing efforts.

Real-Time Visitor Data: Gain access to the latest information about your website visitors for personalized interactions.

Event Planner Based on Real-Time Data: Organize events based on real-time insights, ensuring alignment with your audience's preferences and behaviors.

Aurora serves as your all-encompassing solution for efficient e-commerce management, boosting productivity, and helping you stay ahead in today's competitive digital market. Discover the transformative capabilities of Aurora and elevate your e-commerce management to new heights.

Components & Features

Sales Management
Stock Management
Employee Record Management
Low Stock Reminders
Delivery Tracking System
E-Bill System
Payment Options
Coupons System

Real Time Analytics

Daily Visitors List
Specific Content Click
Real Time Visitor Data
Event Planner Based on real time data